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Precedence Health Care - cdmNet

cdmNet - Chronic Disease Management Network


cdmNet is an online service that assists healthcare providers to optimise treatments for chronically ill patients. cdmNet supports the entire process of chronic disease management, including:


  • Creating individualised, best practice care plans
  • Sharing the care plan and health record across the care team and with the patient
  • Producing and distributing all documentation
  • Providing patient reminders and support
  • Facilitating collaboration with and among the care team
  • Monitoring progress against the care plan
  • Automating follow up and review
  • Completing annual cycles of care
  • Managing Medicare compliance


4 Nov 2013

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19 Aug 2013


cdmNet can help improve clinical outcomes in diabetes care



General Practice

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cdmNet manages the complete care process, from end to end, enabling the GP to focus more time on the patient. It removes the complexity associated with care planning, collaboration, and compliance with Medicare requirements, maximising the effectiveness and efficiency for a practice.


Upon registering a GP is immediately able to start using cdmNet. However, cdmNet is a fee for service tool - charges correspond for each Medicare CDM Item provided using cdmNet. cdmNet service will prompt reviews via your clinical software package, to assist optimal use of the CD Items numbers.



  • Facilitates TCA agreement communication
  • Allied Health & Pharmacy document creation and distribution
  • Automated reminder function
  • Supports best practice care plans, incorporating co-morbidities
  • Plans are easily customised

System Requirements

Fee for service tool

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Specialist and Allied Health

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cdmNet is an online tool which provides access to a patient’s care plan as a living document, against which a patient’s progress and the activities of the care team can be monitored. It enables the care team to track appointments, view and update measurements, and electronically communicate simply, accurately and quickly.


With cdmNet, the patient’s entire care plan and health record are shared electronically with the whole care team and with the patient, improving collaboration with GPs and the other members of the care team. 



  • Agree to TCA online (saves faxing of agreement to/from GP)
  • Living document – contribute to and see others' contributions to TCA
  • See all documentation online
  • No cost for AHPs and Specialists
  • No install on computers as it’s an ‘online’ tool

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cdmNet encourages planning and collaboration between a patient, GP and the care team concerning the chronic disease management. Through the cdmNet web site, a patient will also have complete access via mobile phone (if internet enabled) or computer, anywhere/anytime to the cdmNet care plan.



  • Able to view the contact details of the entire care team
  • Get directions to the locations of all the care providers
  • Receive reminders to book appointments with the care team
  • Share the care plan with a GP, Allied Health Professional, Pharmacist or hospital anywhere in the world

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Program Officer

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